Here are some upcoming events to keep "on your radar."


WPV-CERT Re-Activation Webinar

Thursday, September 8th 7-8pm, Saturday

CERT Basic Skills In-Person Sessions

Friday Oct 7th 6-9pm, Saturday Oct 8th 9am - 5 pm, Sunday Oct 12 - 5 pm

At Station 19, 4091 Jefferson Ave.

(There will be optional online sessions to support people while they take the online portion of the course Tuesday and Thursday evenings (8-9pm) from September 13th through September 29th)


WPV-CERT Command Post Training and Exercise
For the team that is working on advanced Incident Command skills.
Tuesday Jan 17th 6 pm - 9 pm

At Station 19, 4091 Jefferson Ave.


Full Field Exercise
Saturday Jan 28th 9 am - 1 pm

At Portola Valley Town Center

WPV-Ready Events

To see the Events for WPV-Ready,  visit the WPV-Ready Events page.




The following are recurring meetings that are held by Zoom.


All residents of the Woodside Fire Protection District are welcome to attend.


WPV-CERT Committee Meeting

Third Wednesday of each month at 4:00


Board Meeting of The Citizens for Emergency Response And Preparedness Program, Inc.
Third Wednesday of every third month at 5:30

January, April, July, October


WPV-Ready Events

To see the Events for WPV-Ready,  visit the WPV-Ready Events page.









Hybrid Online
& In-person
Basic CERT
Skills Class


Take the self-paced online course

and then join us for the next in-person skills days

October 7-9, 2022.


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