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Welcome to WPV-CERT


CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team. And WPV-CERT is the CERT organization within the Woodside Fire Protection District (WFPD). If you are looking for a way to be helpful in the response to an emergency situation, the CERT program is the place to get involved. In the CERT Basic Training class, you will learn useful skills that could save your neighbors' lives and property. And you will learn how to work together with other trained CERTs to mount the strongest possible response to all of the chaos that happens when a disaster turns a normal day into a nightmare. No prior skills or training are required.


You can learn more about the CERT program at its page on

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You can join the CERT team by taking CERT Basic Training at any certified local program. WPV-CERT offers CERT Basic Training several times every year.

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Congratulations to our May 2019 Graduates

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Thanks to Jan Lundberg for the photo!


CERT Graduates 2019 May


Calling All CERTs!

As we build our CERT organization, we need to find all the CERTs in our district already. We cover the WFPD, Woodside Fire Protection District.


If you have ANY doubt that we have you on the roster already, please send an email to  Include your full name, physical address and phone number, as well as the location and year you took CERT Basic, or last attended a refresher drill.


Need access to the shared files?

Once you are on the WPV-CERT roster, you will have access to a collection of files including slides from the classes and many helpful extras.


If you are on the roster, and have lost the link, or never got it, please send an email to  Include your full name.


Get Your Maps and Find Your Contacts

On the Find My Leaders page, you can get a copy of your Region and Division maps, and start an email to the leaders in your area.